Surgeon in Medical Center Hera

Assoc. Prof. Tsanko Tsankov

Surgery, proctology, mammology

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Assoc. Prof. Tsanko Tsankov is a surgeon in Sofia with more than 30 years of experience. He has participated in scientific research and has interests in colon, intestines, and biliary-pulmonary surgery, as well as mammology. Assoc. Prof. Tsankov has written more than 70 publications on surgery topics. He issued his monography entitled “Recto-perineal abscess and fistulas’ in 2007.

Assoc. Prof. Tsankov graduated from the Medical University of Sofia in 1984, later specialized in surgery and obtained his diploma in 1990. He became an Assistant Professor in 2009 after developing a project related to recto-perineal abscess and fistulas in 2007.

– 1993 and 1999 – Laparoscope surgery specialization;
– Participated in biliary-hepatic surgery courses, imaging of the mammary gland and a pediatric surgery course;
– Member of the Bulgarian Medical Association;
– Participated with articles in numerous symposiums and congresses.

After graduating, Assoc. Prof. Tsankov started working as a resident at the Surgery department of MHAT Botevgrad. In 1988, he was accepted as part of the Surgery Clinic in National Multiprofile Transport Hospital “Tsar Boris III” in Sofia where he practiced mostly abdominal surgery. He was appointed as Head of Second Surgery Department in 5th MHAT in Sofia in 2013. Today, Assoc. Prof. Tsankov is part of the expert teams at Mediva Clinic and Medical Center Hera in Sofia. Fluent in English language.