Dermatology specialist at Medical Center Hera

Dr. Desislava Tsvetanova


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Dr. Desislava Tsvetanova is a dermatology specialist with more than five years of experience in diagnosing and treating skin and venereological diseases. She performs examinations, consultations, diagnosis, and prevention of conditions related to the skin and its appendages – nails and hair. The office is a place for treating chronic venous ulcers, dermatoscopy of pigmented lesions, diagnosis of diseases of the hair and scalp, skin biopsy in an outpatient setting.
Dr. Tsvetanova has professional knowledge in the fields of dermatoallergology, vitiligo and pigmentary diseases, acne and rosacea, dermatoses of pregnancy, Mohs surgery. The focus is on the diagnosis and permanent treatment of dermatological problems, not on their cosmetic aspect.

– MU – Pleven, 2013, Medicine
– Dr. Georgi Stranski University Hospital, 2018, specialty “Dermatology and Venereology”
– Dissertation on the topic: Contemporary clinical-epidemiological and medico-social aspects in patients with Acne vulgaris, 2020.

– 2014 Course in dermatoallergology;
– 2015 IX International Master Class in Vitiligo and Pigmentary Diseases;
– 2015 EADV Fostering Training Course Phlebology, Budapest, Hungary;
– 2015 EADV Fostering Training Course Acne and Rosacea, Debrecen, Hungary;
– 2017 EADV Fostering Resident Course Moh’s surgery, Spain;
– Training based outside the country on the topics: Diseases of the hair and scalp, Acne vulgaris, Mohs surgery, Dermatoses of pregnancy;
– Participation in national and international congresses and seminars in the specialty.

After graduating, Dr. Tsvetanova worked at the Medical Center Exacta Medica in Pleven and the Dolni Dabnik Medical Center. Today, she is part of Medical Center Hera’s team. Fluent in both English and German languages.