What is a clinical trial?

Clinical trials are extremely complicated processes needed for developing of drugs and therapies all patients take for granted. Careful research and testing of each medicine is a difficult, time-consuming, and very expensive process. Years of hard work are needed, alongside collaboration between health authorities, regulatory entities, laboratories, clinics, and patients willing to participate.

How are they regulated

Clinical trials are a subject of detailed regulation and control via multiple laws, rules, and acts.

The history of clinical trials is marked by a chain of events that define the need for a strict regulation.

Ongoing clinical trials

Medical Center Hera conducts clinical trials in various therapeutic areas. Our trained specialists are ready to provide detailed information about every step of the process.

If you need information regarding future clinical trials or in case you need details on a particular examination, you are welcome to contact us.

Rights and Obligations

Every participant in a clinical trial has their rights defined by law.

The clinical trial itself can only be conducted when it guarantees the rights and safety of the participants.

The Bulgarian Drug Agency is in control of every clinical trial and guarantees the rights of every participant. Conducting clinical trials without approval is out of the question.

All participants have the right to receive the full information about the clinical trial they are part of. The medical staff needs to describe every step of the procedure and to allow the participants to take their time and make a final decision.

How to participate

The decision to participate in a clinical trial is voluntary. No pressure or necessity should be involved. Due to the voluntary nature of the process, the decision to participate is not supposed to be shared with third parties, including your GP. Needless to say, all candidates can discuss the decision with their family if they wish to do so.

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