How to participate in a clinical trial

in Medical Center "Hera"

The decision to participate in a clinical trial is voluntary. No pressure or necessity should be involved. Due to the voluntary nature of the process, the decision to participate is not supposed to be shared with third parties, including your GP. Needless to say, all candidates can discuss the decision with their family if they wish to do so.

The team of Medical Center Hera will provide all candidates with detailed information about their rights and obligations related to a particular clinical trial. This information is vital for making the final decision to participate.

The specialists in charge of conducting clinical trials are obligated to obtain sufficient information about every candidate to make sure they are eligible for participation.

In case you wish to participate in future clinical trials, our team will offer the best one for you based on your personal candidate’s profile.

If you have additional questions, or you want to express your willingness to participate, you are welcome to contact us today.

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