Advantages of modern diagnostic technology



The modernization of medical equipment and technology improves the quality and efficiency of healthcare services and ensures access to medical care and services, which forms the basis for enhancing the quality of life for every patient.


At Medical Center Hera, we put the greatest effort into two areas – attracting and retaining excellent specialists and equipping our medical offices with highest class equipment.


Working with modern medical equipment to provide healthcare improves the quality and safety of medical services and helps meet the criteria for contemporary diagnosis and treatment of diseases at the earliest stages.


At Medical Center Hera in Sofia, you have access to over 30 specialists in 14 medical fields. Their work, concerning your accurate diagnosis, is optimised thanks to:

The Mindray Consona N8 Echograph supports our cardiologists with advanced functionalities and is based on the ZST+ platform – an exceptional innovation representing an ultrasound evolution. This echograph overcomes the traditional limitations between spatial resolution, temporal resolution, and tissue uniformity, providing exceptional image quality.

The Mindray DC-80 X-Insight Exp Echograph offers a range of patented functionalities and optimal image quality with minimal effort as soon as the transducer touches the body. This ultrasound enables unique Shell analysis of tumor infiltration into healthy tissue, providing high sensitivity for more superficial structures such as the thyroid gland, breasts, and genitals. With the press of a button, you can obtain a 3D volumetric image of the fetal brain, and the standard CNS scan planes (MSP, TCP, TTP, and TVP) as well as a set of related anatomical measurements (BPD, HC, OFD, TCD, CM, and LVW) are obtained immediately. This results in a 3 times more successful assessment compared to the 2D mode.

The M7 Premium portable echograph supports urologists, neurologists, surgeons, endocrinologists, gastroenterologists, mammologists, and rheumatologists. This high-end ultrasound device has been repeatedly awarded for its excellent portable system with color Doppler M7, providing optimal performance in every area. Developed with innovative technologies, this ultrasound covers the full range of clinical applications with professional specialized software. It delivers crystal-clear images anywhere and anytime.


At our Medical Center in Montana, we have the Mindray DC-60 uptrasound, which provides express image clarity. This echograph allows for the detection of early anomalies and small pathologies with best-in-class imaging. The Mindray DC-60 offers the best-in-class Natural Touch elastography with quantitative assessments and measurements, complete with instructions and unique Shell Analysis of malignant infiltration into healthy tissue. It features an innovative new algorithm with depth information, generating brighter volume imaging and a much better three-dimensional effect.

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Medical Center "Hera" takes part in clinical trials in numerous of therapeutical areas. Our knowledgeable specialists are ready to deliver detailed information with regards to the steps taken during the process of given clinical trial.

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