Hair Loss Does Not Only Affect Men



It’s kind of natural for people to accept male baldness. When the problem is severe, it has an easy solution – a shaved head has long been imposed as a style and undoubtedly makes life easier for a large number of balding men.

This does not apply to the fair sex affected by the problem. Vanity is inherent in any self-respecting lady, and the lack of hair is the first thing that catches the eye. Even if she is not shamed by prying eyes, squirms, and whispers, a woman is extremely strict about her appearance imperfections. Loss of hair can have a very negative impact on her emotional and mental health.

When Can We Talk About Hair Loss?

A few hairs on the comb are no cause for drama. About 50 to 100 hairs fall out of the scalp daily in a completely natural regeneration process. New ones sprout in their place, and this cycle keeps the hair looking good. However, when you notice that your palm is filling up with hairs, your hair is thinning, or you find bare areas on your head, these are clear signals of a problem. Immediately seek competent help from a dermatologist. A specialist will assess the degree of the problem and, if necessary, refer you to a specialized clinic.

What Are the Possible Causes of Hair Loss?

Genetic Predisposition

One of the top reasons for balding (for both men and women) is hereditary. The disorder of the genes responsible for hair growth causes the problem of hair loss. Similarly, our body reacts to a disbalance in hormones.

A specialist’s job is to examine the affected areas, determine if there are additional lesions on the skin, take the necessary samples and biopsy, photograph the current condition, and proceed with appropriate treatment. This information is compared after a certain period with the results of a new such examination to determine if there is progress. All in all, the process is slow and requires a lot of patience.

Tension and Fatigue

Another possible cause of hair loss is severe stress, prolonged tension, nervousness, or a great shock. These conditions throw the body out of its healthy balance in many different ways. Hair loss is a typical symptom of such experiences.

Inappropriate Care

Treating the hair with aggressive substances (dye, bleaches, etc.), as well as daily use of a press or curling iron, also damage the follicles. Excessively tight hairstyles are another factor that can also lead to traumatic alopecia.

Some Types of Treatment

Some medical interventions may cause hair loss as a side effect. Radiation and chemotherapy are such examples. However, after the treatment, hair is usually restored. But the process may be irreversible in the case of heavy metal intoxication.

Other Common Causes

A number of factors can lead to hair loss. Some women are more sensitive to season changes and lose hair. Often the period of menopause is to blame for the appearance of hair loss with varying degrees of intensity. Autoimmune diseases also provoke hair loss as additional discomfort for the affected person.

The various weight loss diets that many women start following at some point in their lives are far from harmless. Depriving the body of certain nutrients or taking pills to reduce appetite and weight can cause uncontrollable hair loss.

What Are the Alternatives for Treating Hair Loss?

Each case requires specific treatment. However, your doctor will require detailed information about your lifestyle to make the correct diagnosis. This information includes your activity and rest times, medication intake, cosmetics and hair products used, possible diseases, and more.

In addition, you will be assigned the necessary blood and hormone tests. In most cases, tests on the strength of the hair follicle, microscopic examination, biopsy, and scalp photography are also prescribed. The entire results data allows for establishing the exact cause of hair loss and helps appoint adequate treatment.

Treating hair loss will be a long process. Still, with a responsible attitude, persistence, and great motivation, it will lead to improvement in the condition of the affected scalp.

Modern plastic surgery also has a number of options in this direction, so there is always hope.

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