HERA Medical Center has joined the Network of Prime Sites of IQVIA – the world leader in clinical research



In October 2023, Medical Center Hera signed their contract as a Prime Site for clinical trials with IQVIA – a leading global provider of advanced analytics, technological solutions, and services for clinical research in healthcare, with offices in over 100 countries and more than 87,000 employees.


This recognition comes after almost four years of collaboration with the global company, long-term effective monitoring of the activities of Medical Center Hera, demonstrated expertise, the high professionalism shown by our team and above all, our patients’ trust.


There are over 50 IQVIA Prime Sites worldwide, with 17 of them located in Europe. With the signing of the contract between IQVIA and Medical Center Hera, Bulgaria becomes the 19th country in Europe to have a center that is recognised as Prime Site. Clinical trials conducted in the Prime Site Network adhere to the highest international ethical and regulatory standards.

They are conducted at state-of-the-art research centers with well-trained specialists and infrastructure focused on innovation and the advancement of various studies for patients.

The collaboration is mutually beneficial, serving the interests of patients and the future development of medical science. Our partnership with IQVIA will help us align with leading global companies to focus on innovation, provide opportunities for more precise treatment, conduct clinical trials with larger databases, engage in new research programs to optimize processes, reduce the time to initiate clinical trials, improve coordination of procedures, and support clinical trials and research while simultaneously protecting the interests of patients at every stage of the investigation.


Clinical trials provide access to new medical approaches and treatments. They represent a step into the future, as they embody the medical science that will be realized in three to five years.

Call us to learn more by our experts on 02 404 8656 and 0882 441 433 or reach us by email at

You can also always visit IQVIA’s Prime Site located on Second Floor, 23rd DCC, 20 Klisura Street, Hadzhi Dimitar District, Sofia

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Medical Center "Hera" takes part in clinical trials in numerous of therapeutical areas. Our knowledgeable specialists are ready to deliver detailed information with regards to the steps taken during the process of given clinical trial.

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