Medical Center Hera donated to the Coronavirus Virology Laboratory at Medical University – Pleven



Medical Center Hera donated to the Coronavirus Virology Laboratory at Medical University – Pleven

The present year proved to be challenging mainly due to COVID-19. The pandemic is still far from being over but the world is working toward that goal. We all must combine our actions to be able to achieve it. This is the reason why the Medical Center Hera management decided to make donations to Medical University – Pleven and more particularly to their new Coronavirus Virology Laboratory.

The new facility created by the prestigious university is extremely important for enabling institutions to handle the coronavirus situation. The laboratory is part of the Research and Development Institute of MU – Pleven.

Medical Center Hera was honored by receiving two donation certificates issued to mark the medical center’s contribution to the laboratory’s development.

Donation certificate №1

Donation certificate №2

Considering the importance of correct coronavirus diagnostics, Medical Center Hera offers both rapid COVID-19 testing and Real-Time PCR tests. If needed, the PCR test result could be accompanied by an official certificate in English – a much needed document for travelling to a number of different countries as well as for visits in numerous healthcare and public institutions, both locally and abroad.

From 21.10.2020, Medical Center Hera offers a new combined rapid antigen test COVID-19 + Influenza (A+B). Every patient is welcome to be tested throughout the week, excluding Saturday. Testing hours are between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM.

The correct results from each test are guaranteed by the experience and expertise of our partners at “Lora” Laboratory. The facility is situated in Medical Center Hera’s building.

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