Preventive examinations and the role of the employer



Bulgaria is amongst the European Union states with lowest levels of prophylaxis and prevention of diseases. Bulgarians do not prioritise healthcare due to lack of finances, bureaucratic difficulties or lack of information. During last year under 40% of the over 18’s have conducted the annual regular check-ups. Mandatory free preventive examinations are the key to improving the health status of the nation.


Improved health status of the population will lead to reduction of costs for hospital treatments, will reduce the pressure on the social system, will improve working capacity and efficiency to boost public added value and in long term – will increase the life expectancy and quality of life.


What is the role of the employers in health care?

The main legislation which covers what type of mandatory medical examinations an employer must provide to his employees and given time frame is Ordinance № 3 of 28.02.1987 for mandatory preliminary and periodic medical examinations of the employees.

Types of examinations usually are determined by the specialists at occupational medicine services and are linked with harmful factors of the working environment, occupation and age of the employees.


For mandatory medical examinations qualify all employees during their employment as follows:

  • up to 18 years of age – annually
    between 18 and 40 years old – once every 5 years
    above 40 – once every 3 year

A lot of companies that are taking trusting our specialists to take care of their employees organise prophylaxis examinations annually and they also include additional checks and laboratory tests. The most common examinations include the following specialists – cardiologist, pulmonologist, neurologist, gynaecologist, surgeon specialist and also echograph examination – ultrasounds of abdominal organs, mammary glands, prostate, and thyroid gland.


What is the purpose?

To prevent illnesses that are common for certain groups, given into consideration the specific health risks, i.e. they are specifically looking for the so called professional illnesses.

To catch any risk factors early for potential occurrence of diseases that are common and affect huge number of the population. During this type of examination our specialists look for illnesses that are usually not accompanied with any visible symptoms.

To diagnose early forms of socially significant diseases.


Why employers are choosing Medical Center Hera when in caring for their employees health welfare?
We have agile approach towards each individual employer when purring together the health care package for their employees.

We have individual approach towards each patient.

Our team possesses high professionalism and expertise as it consists of highly reputable doctors in their respective fields.
We have modern equipment and high class technological facilities.
We are easily accessible with good location and free public parking.

Our telephones: 0882 441 433; 02 404 8656
Address: Second Floor, 20th Diagnostic Consultative Center, 20 Klisura Street, Hadzhi Dimitar, Sofia, 1510


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