When to Consult a Specialist if You Lack Limb Sensitivity



Sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch are our primary senses, which provide necessary information on the surroundings. The body’s sensory system makes us feel touch, shock, cold, heat, pain, etc. Due to various reasons, sensitivity disorders sometimes occur, which can signal severe problems in the body’s functions.

How Is Loss of Sensitivity Expressed?

In general, a person notices a tingling in the surface layer of the skin – usually when touched. The area feels slightly numb, and the sensation is a bit unnatural. This condition can quickly worsen, and stabbing sensation, pinching, burning, and pain appear. The level of discomfort depends on the place specifically affected. It can even cause dysfunction in a given part of the body.

What Are the Causes of These Symptoms?

Peripheral neuropathy is a common side effect of diabetes. Pain and discomfort are felt mainly in the limbs, especially the legs. That is why it is imperative to undergo tests to rule out or confirm this disease.

In atherosclerosis, the narrowing of the vessels makes it difficult for the normal blood supply, which can provoke a lack of sensitivity or numbness in the limbs. It is essential to do regular preventive examinations that signal changes in the average values of test results.

Atrophied or compressed nerve fibers cause sensory disturbances. They can be injured by trauma, stenosis, hernia, tumor, and other similar conditions.

The consequences of experiencing a stroke are often serious, and loss of sensation and control of the limbs is among its common symptoms.

Numbness and impaired sensation can signal multiple sclerosis development in a patient, which is an extremely serious condition requiring immediate treatment.

Another group of medical conditions can also cause a loss of sensitivity. Still, their detection requires serious research and an accurate diagnosis. Among them are several syndromes, anemia, metabolic diseases, heavy metal poisoning, etc.

There are several specific professions in which the same repetitive movements are carried out for years, strain certain nerves, and, as a result, sensibility in the limb decreases.

Possible Solutions to the Problem

Suppose you have similar complaints that do not go away with time and disturb your normal rhythm of life. In that case, we recommend visiting your personal physician immediately. They are familiar with your health status and will consider what is the most likely cause of the problem. Your doctor will also refer you for examination with a specialist who can confirm or reject different possibilities. It may be necessary to visit several different specialists, as establishing the origin of the numbness is not always an easy task.

Once the cause of the lack of sensitivity is determined, you will be prescribed the appropriate treatment. The effect is rarely felt instantly, but over time it will bring relief and help you feel comfortable in your own skin again.

Methods of Treatment

If the cause of the impaired sensation is not a specific disease, two treatment methods or a combination of both may be applied.

First, medicines containing important vitamins such as P, C, and those of group B are applied. The most valuable among them is B12, whose deficiency strongly affects this type of neuropathic condition. For this purpose, the levels of microelements in the body are blood tested, and prescribed doses regulate any insufficiencies.

Procedures such as physiotherapy, medical gymnastics, paraffin compresses, mineral baths, massages, and similar non-invasive methods have an extremely favorable effect on these types of problems. Frequently, their impact is better and faster than the effect of drug treatment, especially if complaints result from a pinched nerve.

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