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There are more than 30 specialists from leading medical institutions in Sofia working at Medical Center Hera. They have the most advanced medical equipment at their disposal, allowing them to deliver quality care and services to their patients.

Medical Center Hera’s main trait is the excellent organization and the variety of innovative therapies offered. The highly qualified doctors have a friendly attitude allowing them to build trust in their patients, which makes all medical procedures much easier.

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In the last year, Medical Center Hera has added more specialties that work with the National Health Insurance Fund - Pulmonology and Tuberculosis, Obstetrics and gynecology, Cardiology with two new ones - Rheumatology and Dermatology. Thus, we realize our mission to offer quality diagnostics and treatment accessible to everyone with health insurance. The patients with health insurance must submit a referral for consultation or medical-diagnostic activity to use their right to free health insurance service.

Medical equipment available at Medical Center Hera

Medical Center Hera features numerous specialized consulting rooms. Our patients have access to a laboratory including microbiology, clinical pathology, transfusion hematology, virology, parasitology, as well as radiology - X-ray. The diagnostic equipment features: