What is a clinical trial

in Medical Center "Hera"

Clinical trials are extremely complicated processes needed for developing of drugs and therapies all patients take for granted. Careful research and testing of each medicine is a difficult, time-consuming, and very expensive process. Years of hard work are needed, alongside collaboration between health authorities, regulatory entities, laboratories, clinics, and patients willing to participate.

How long is a drug’s path between the research lab and the market?

There are several phases of the clinical trials. Every new medicine or a process needs to pass all of them. After the early steps of the process, the important phases focus on monitoring and analysis of the investigated medicine for a specific condition.

As a result of the painstaking process, only about 0,1% of all drugs are tested on people. Merely 10% reach the market eventually. The incredibly high costs are mainly generated by the clinical trials. The investment required is often too high to be covered by expected profit from selling the drug. The lack of financial perspective and the potential loss for the investors combined with the complexity of clinical trials are the reason for low productivity. This results in the absence of much needed and often vital new medicines and therapies. We must act now to change that.

Why are clinical trials so important?

Clinical trials are needed because the results generated from these processes help for a more effective and timely treatment for all of us.

This is a summary of the goals of every clinical trial:

  • Diagnostics and monitoring of an illness’ development;
  • Prevention and reduction of the number of patients diagnosed with a certain condition;
  • Increase of the number of recovered patients;
  • Increase of the quality of life of patients suffering from chronic diseases and reduction of the symptoms and side effects of their conditions;
  • Determining the most appropriate medicines for the treatment of any given condition.

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