Cookies are small text files sent by a web server to your browser. The data is stored on the hard drive of your device and allows for information to be restored. This information is most often used to identify your device and to follow your interaction with the website.


The https://www.heraclinics.com/ website uses cookies because we aim to deliver the best services to our users and to make your experience better by remembering your preferences. We use cookies to ensure the proper functionality of the website and to make sure the information on it can be helpful to you. Cookies also help us prevent fraud and harmful behavior. Cookies are the best tool for us to optimize the website and to provide the information you need. You can read our data protection policy on the website.


In case you use this website without changing your setup and preferences, you agree with our cookie policy and you allow us to use them.


In case you want to receive additional information related to using cookies, you can contact us via office@heraclinics.com.




You must remember that we use different types of cookies.


We need them for the proper functioning of the website. Without cookies, we cannot deliver certain services or ensure some of the functions’ availability. The important cookies do not store information related to your identity.


The cookies we use allow us to personalize your user experience by enhancing our website. Your preferred choices will be remembered. It is possible for the information stored in the cookies to be anonymous, meaning that they cannot trace your activity on other websites. In case you don’t accept the cookies, the website may not function properly for you.


We use advertising cookies to collect data about the way you use our website. These cookies allow us to find out what you like the most about the website and how frequently do you visit and use our services. The cookies count the number of times you access the website by identifying your device. This information can be shared with third parties.


We use session cookies when you scroll through sections of the website. These cookies are temporary and they don’t contain personal data. We use them to identify you when you visit the website again.


There might be third-party cookies on our website meant to enhance the services they offer. These cookies are beyond our control.




All the information collected by the cookies includes the browser type, browsing data, device ID, web pages viewed, time spent online, IP address, operational system, internet provider, reactions to advertisements, URL address forwarding, services used on the website.




You can delete all the cookies from your device at any given moment. You can also turn them off by setting your browser. In case you want to be notified when cookies are stored in your device, you can set up a notification. The information about deactivating cookies is available on your internet browser website via the Help option.


You need to keep in mind that if you limit cookies, some of the features on the website may become inactive.


You can find more information related to cookies on this website: http://www.allaboutcookies.org/manage-cookies/index.html.


In case you have additional questions related to this cookie policy, you can contact us via office@heraclinics.com


Last update of this document: 03.09.2020

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