Season Change: The Culprit Behind Stomach Pain



Practice shows that there is somewhat spring-autumn dependency in experiencing increased acidity in the stomach. The feeling is often described as acid reflux or burning sensation in the chest area with unpleasant feel when swallowing.

Spring exacerbations of gastritis are often linked with the lack of vitamins needed for the normal functioning of our body given the increased consumption of fresh veggies from the shops that are still full of nitrates that are having negative impact on the digestive system.

Another indicator for developing gastritis are the diets with which people, especially women, misuse during the spring in order to lose weight fast for the summer. For the exhausted body the lack of nutritious food is catastrophic, the organism is “rebelling” by revealing all its inflammations and pains. For the elder population dieting is completely unnecessary, however, it is important to note that the hard core orthodox Christians are fasting during the spring and by trying to make up the lost nutritions during the fast they can provoke exacerbation of the gastritis.

Even for a person in good health burdening the organism during spring and autumn can be quite severe and the consequences can lead to different problems – worsen health or worsen mood. People with chronic diseases are more predisposed towards worsening of their health between seasons and by not following good eating habits and lack of prophylaxis can contribute to deterioration of their health.

Symptoms of Gastritis

Spring or autumn exacerbations of gastritis do not differ to the usual symptoms of the disease apart from that there is seasoning indicator. First symptoms of exacerbation are more often shown after meal or severe nervous breakdown – these are the most common provocateurs of the gastrointestinal tract especially with weather being unfavourable and unstable condition of a person as a whole.

Most common symptoms for gastritis exacerbation are:

  • Stomach pain that can have an acute or blunt character with tendencies to become stronger.
  • Typical for the illness problems with digestion that can lead to either diarrhea or constipation.
  • Stomach discomfort.
  • Unpleasant lack of breath with heartburn.
  • Lost appetite.
  • Feeling weakness or tiredness.
  • Nausea and/or sometimes vomiting
  • Fever and high temperature which is a common symptom showing there is inflammation and the body is trying to fight it.

Given any of these symptoms are present, you should seek medical attention straight away.


Doctors are warning that symptoms of gastritis exacerbation are not always clearly expressed. Sometimes they are not accompanied with acute pain and are characterised with mild discomfort after meal or when feeling hunger.

No matter how mild the symptoms are, they should always be taken into account and a person showing them should reconsider his lifestyle. Despite of showing lack of signs on the outside, the illness can progress on the inside and cause permanent damage to the gastrointestinal system that could lead to further health complications. If a person is predisposed to get this illness he should very carefully listen to his body and even the smallest symptoms should be alert and get relevant treatment. Chronic gastritis can quickly transform into more serious diseases of the digestive tract, damage the deeper layers of the stomach’s epidermis, and develop into a dangerous condition for the digestive organs.

The advice from specialists is – if you experience heartburn after every meal, persistent pain in the upper part of your stomach, acid attacks at night accompanied by pain that wakes you from sleep, or difficulty swallowing – you must consult a doctor.

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